Not only will I be safe about your identity, I play safe. High attention to detail of safety precautions includes cleaning furniture & equipment before and after play using hospital grade Green soap, Cavicide, Vionex, and Alcohol, as appropriate. There is an autoclave on premises. Bio-hazard sharps containers is used for needle play. Private personal toys do not come in direct contact without protection. Some items are too personal to be shared. Body fluids including blood is only permitted in a safe manner. I usually wears latex gloves for personal play and to prevent cross-contamination. I f you are allergic to latex , let Me know as I also have latex free gloves. I have completed the HEP vaccination series and maintain a Missouri and St. Louis County license. My safety and yours is vital. The local police have viewed My practices so we both know that I do nothing illegal. Therefore it is most unlikely that I will ever have police visit again.