As your Boss, there are a few favorite scenes I like to play. For the very first Boss role play session W/we might have, it is fun to have you applying for a secretarial job. Of course there is an “application fee”, which is your tribute. I also like to add in the fact that I want a female secretary so I can bring in forced feminization into the session. Another fun Boss role playing is that you are My employee and have been caught stealing from petty cash. The tribute is then seen as you returning the petty cash you took. This action of stealing also allows plenty of punishments.

Rough and raw Punk Mistress Kay I know all dirty old men have seen a nasty, sexy, bitchy, punk girl in the mall and wondered if She was as mean as She looks. Be assured She is in fact meaner than what you have imagined with no concern for you at all. Her only concern is Her own Sadistic games. She is a bad girl and has a filthy mouth and will steal what She wants when you are tied and helpless. Be warned that She does not play games that you might expect. To Her rules are made to be broken by Her. She loves candles, fire, cuffs, metal, chains, fists, smoking, pins, and piercings!

A Goddess indeed – powerful and captivating A Goddess deserves her subjects to adore Her. Her powerful eyes will make you turn your head and look down for you may get lost in her beauty. Her seductiveness is only equaled by her imitating power and the fear that it brings. Expect that you shall primp and care for your Goddess as She desires for She should never have to lift a finger to do anything. Her hands shall never get dirty when you are around for you shall be an extension of Her.

That is Aunt Mistress Kay! Auntie Kay is a favorite for many of My subjects. Age regression hypnosis can even be added to intensify your experience as Her nephew. Chores in the basement is always a good excuse to get you into My lair. Usually this role playing is kept through all sessions and not just experienced once. If so all communication with Me will be as your Aunt. Ma’am & Auntie shall be the proper way to address Me. All boys love toys & you will often be buying toys that I will ‘find’ and then use on you. Punishments for touching that dirty thing between your legs include bare bottom spankings over My knee. Aunts often like their nephews super clean; scrub brushes & enemas may be needed to clean you.

Bubble – bubble – you’ll be in trouble! Witches not only have power but many ceremonies. The natural atmosphere of daDungeon is enhanced when only fire lights the room. This is a serious matter as I do not play games with the Gods and Goddesses. your offer must be sincere as not only will you be bound by Me but the forces that shall be called upon.

Pet, puppy, and pony training available. ‘here puppy’ is just one of the things you will hear as you are trained to be a perfect puppy and then a dog. With collar and leash leading you around I shall teach you to sit pretty and how to beg. The cage to contain you is one of the largest dog cages made and of course it can be locked with a padlock. Of course pony play is also something one could be trained for by Mistress Kay since she has pony hear gear, buggy whip, English riding hat, and of course the extra long English styled bat. Usually I have the saddles custom made for each of My ponies to enhance My riding pleasures. Or shall I put down a bowl of milk for My new kitty and get out the catnip?