Chastity with Me is more than a keyholder service. I do not blame you for not wanting to deal with an impersonal key-holding service. I however will provide you with proper chastity as well as the needed intensity of knowing a real Goddess Bitch is holding the key. Be warned I am not ‘playing’ at being a Mistress but am in fact a real lifestyle Mistress that will accept boys as My chastised toys. Just having a sub or two would not allow Me the plethora of fun available when having several subjects under My control and whims. As you picked up on in My site; I am most interested in REAL BDSM situations that include tributes to Me so that I do not have to bother with the vanilla working world. I am a Goddess and should have no earthly worries. That is what you are for. So it seems you think yourself worthy of Me adding you to My stable? you think yourself good enough to be called My slave wearing the device I chose with My lock? Of course I will consider this at My leisure.

For chastity subjects, you will purchase a chastity cage of the correct size for your masculinity that will be caged as I desire in any chastity device. There are also some great chastity devices that will not come off with a proper piercing from Chastitytube. If you need to be discreet I will order the device for you and have it ready for when your installation session is scheduled.

For those that I seek to imprison that nasty male organ of, I expect a physical visit from every 14-90 days. If you have never been in long term chastity then two weeks is a good first time set. As I train you the times between visits will become longer and longer. Not being local to St. Louis makes the chastity all the more fun for Me. Knowing it is a long drive or even a plan trip to see Me allows Me to know that you are honoring Me in your thoughts during your trip. Oh, yes, I know you will think of me every time you bathe, urinate, get dressed, or have the stirrings wishing to give you an erection – but the trip is also filled with anticipation and mixed emotions of being free but not being allowed to escape My will.

If you live far away and must travel solely by plan to see Me, have no worries since there are tamper resistant locking devices made of plastic that will lock the chastity device and still allow you to go through airport security. These are numbered and are the only acceptable locking device other than the padlock. They can only be removed by cutting them off and could not be glued or reattached in any manner. So I would know if you even attempted to remove the plastic lock. If you drive or are local a brass padlock with a key that I will purchase will be used to secure the chastity device. By My getting the padlock I am assured you have no second or duplicate key. I will install a tamper resistant plastic lock if I permit you to travel by plane.

I will allow you to come to Me for more complete cleaning needs at a maximum of 3 months although I prefer a maximum of 60 days for hygienic reasons. At that time I will secure you physically before I even remove the chastity device. It is important to note that you will never be free. Once this begins you must understand that you are Mine and the device is assurance that you remember that I am the Keyholder. If I allow your penis to not be caged then your body must be bound. There will be no escape. When the device is off in My dungeon I shall shave the area and thoroughly clean it to My satisfaction. Once you are properly cleaned I may administer various CBT, apply a parachute and weights to stretch the ball sack further, attach machines such as a vibrator or milking suction pump, or simply allow you to touch yourself. I may tease you and deny you release. What, IF ANYTHING, happens to that penis will solely be My decision. I may simply clean you and re-secure the penis until next I desire your attendance. I will allow some flexibility for your schedule but as My prisoner your entrapment will be for periods I determine, not you.

Since you will have a locked device in place, it is important that you consider emergency situations. As such you will retain a business size card in your wallet that explains the device and that I am the Keyholder. This card will also have My contact information on it.

This is not a game played for a day or even a week, but just in case you are too much of a wimp I will allow your escape after the first three days of chastity. If however I release you after just three days you will never again be allowed to contact Me. I will be far too disappointed to ever even look upon you. I am making a commitment to allow you to have others knowing that you are Mine. I do not care to have weaklings disgrace My name so be sure you are worthy before I chastise you. Initially this must be consensual. you must give yourself to Me. Then once you have proved you are a good boy I will take you. It will then no longer be your choice once you complete a contract for a long term chastised BDSM relationship. This will be discussed in detail when I feel you are worthy of being a slave instead of just a mere subject or submissive of Mine.

Tributes for your personal sessions in DaDungeon for installing the chastity device, cleaning, and removing is noted in My website but being in a chastity device is so much more. Therefore when you have your personal session with Me you will also be offering Me a tribute to keep you in chastity. you will prepay for Me being your Keyholder for the established period of time noted at $40.00 per week or $100.00 for an entire month.. Each week you will be allowed a maximum of two e-mail replies so you may only write twice a week also. Chatting with Me in online messengers (Yahoo or MSN), in My java chat room within My web site, in the online chat module in My web site or in My Yahoo group is permitted whenever I am on line. I have much to do on line and will determine the length of time I devote to you personally on line.

Failure to endure the time period I desire shall come with penalties. Tampering with the device will have the harshest penalty. There would be no greater punishment then to not allow you to serve Me. The honor to serve a Goddess such as Myself is not offered to many and to be in My presence is a reward and grace that only a selected few know. I am demanding and expect you to prove yourself to Me so that I know you are worthy to serve Me and be called Mine. Do not think this comes easy as I will have you the same way I have all My toys in the first session. Read through the site and see how to have a first session with Me. I will not install the chastity device on your first visit. No – you must wait for the honor to wear this for Me. During the first session I will get to know you and ask questions to deem when you shall return to be taken into My service with a chastity device in place before you leave.