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What the Black Orchid in the BDSM Lifestyle represents  black orchid gynarchic society femdom female supremacyAn understanding on how  the  worldwide Black Orchid symbol  is gaining popularity in the United States. The Black orchid denotes a lifestyle Gynarchist  BDSM Mistress. 
Planning or Attending a FemDomme Events, social, party or munch This article was written for attendees and organizers of "FemDomme" events. What are FemDomme personalities, how does a sub greet and act. The intensity of some FemDommes 
BDSM Fantasy to Reality This article helps you explore whether or not you wish to take BDSM fantasies into your real life. There are many things you should consider before walking down this path. A fantasy you control - however in real life BDSM you may just be giving away all control or accepting full control. 
BDSM Safety 
Physical & Emotional
This article explains some very basic principles of safety. Any one new to the lifestyle and play time should read this. 
Gynarchic Principles Gynarchy is Women Rule. A brief overview of how Gynarchy has very levels from light elective principles of a lifestyle of strong political, social restructuring, social reform,  religions, and extreme Feminine domination and rule. 
BDSM Spirituality Many understand that BDSM is not played with the body but that BDSM only uses the body to facilitate mental, emotional, and spiritual growth and connectivity.

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