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Play & experience 

These are some of the things I have experience in and enjoy. 

I am real. The BDSM session must be enjoyable for Me - it is after all, all about the Mistress - Me

  Animal Play   Candle/Oil   Video / Pictures
Puppy Play   Candle/Wax Play – Mild   Cam recorded  offered
  Candle/Wax Play –Medium   I’ll take the pictures of you 
  Role Playing   Candle/Wax Play – Heavy    I use My photographer
Boss   Candle/Wax Play with burns  
Seductress   Hot Oil Play   Sensory
Aunt     Over-stimulation
Grandma/Old age   Mothering / Corporal    Earplugs
Witch   Time out in the corner   Blind-folds
Teacher   Corporal punishments  

Hood – Leather

Goddess   I give over the knee spankings   Hood – Spandex
  Paddles are for spanking   Liquid Latex
  Humiliation & Water    Bare hand spankings  
Public Humiliation   Belts   Training
Kicking   Switches   Etiquette & Language
  Potty chair   Hairbrush   slave Training
Used as Foot mat/ foot rest   Force feeding   maid/servitude Training
Golden shower – topical   Mouth Soaping   Dominance Training
Being human furniture       Dungeon Monitoring
  Medical   Gynarchic Training
  Electrical   Autoclave  
Violet Wand    Pin Hammer   Genital  to Anal
TENS   Percussion Hammer   Clothespins
  Jennings Clamp   Genital Crushing
  Gags   Suction Pump    Genital Flogging
Open mouth ring gags  

Non-Latex gloves

  CBT – Light
Gag balls   Hospital Grade Alco& Soap   CBT – Moderate

Dirty panties

  Sounds    CBT – Heavy
Penis gags   Infusion   Genital Flogging
  Enemas   Parachute and weights
  Chastity   Shaving   Ball Stretchers
I offer chastity   Wartenberg   Genital Bondage
  They bring chastity device     Glass dildos
I am a key holder – for a fee   Forced Fem & sissies   Rubber dildos
I use locks   I take sissy subjects  

Latex dildos

  I use tamper proof numbers   I have fewer than five wigs   Gel dildos
  I have make-up for sissies   Plastic dildos
  Worship   I have sissy fake nails to apply   Anal Play
Bare foot Worship   I have sissy lingerie /hosiery   Vaginal Fisting
Shoe Worship   I have sissy  clothes   I have/use insertables 
Boot Worship   I do ‘forced’ feminization   Finger or mouth vibrator
  Goddess Worship     Eggs
Worship to knee only   Nipple/Breast   Abrasion
  NT Clamp/clip 5+   Trampling
  Tortures   Vibrating clamps  
Weights   Breast Press   Restraints/ Mummy
Tickle torture   Suction   Wrist Cuffs


  Abrasion   Ankle cuffs
Foot Torture   Clothespins   Thigh Cuffs
Situational Torture     Locking Cuffs
Figging   Smoke & Fire   Metal  - handcuffs
Kidnapping Play   I smoke during sessions   Bondage mitts
  Hot pepper torture   Cigar smoker  

Ace bandage mummification

Blackmail Play

  Human ashtray – ashes only   I do immobilization bondage
  Ashtray to stamp out  smoke   Plastic wrap mummification
  Other Equipment   Cigarette burns   I have a cage
A massage / exam table     Rope

I have stocks

  Money slaves   Plaster mummification
Cross or spread eagle   Postal   I have a cell
Ceiling Eyebolts   On-Line   Swings
Wall Eyebolts     Chains
  Whipping post   Spanking & Paddles  
Cross   Over 15 different paddles   Caning & Rods


  I do hand spanking   I do caning
Bats & crops   I do over he knee spanking   I have more than five canes
Vaginal / Anal Hook   Spanking bench   Caning should leave marks
  CBT/  ‘V’ chair     Disposable canes
Fantasy rack/inversion   Floggers   Acrylic rods
Cupping Set   Over 15  floggers   Torture stick
Unique implements   Floggers that can be bio cleaned   Caning  makes you bleed

Plastic, beaded, or other

  Edge Play  

  Single & Dragon Tails
Vampire - Biting     Buggy Whip (over 5’)
Nail/Claw scratching/digging     I have 5-10 different tails 
Needles/Knives/Swords     Trainer Whip (under 5’)
Breath play    
Vampire gloves    



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